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Discover Milan

What Milan can offer

Milan, as a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, offers a multifaceted experience for residents and visitors. Renowned as Italy's fashion and design capital, Milan is a global hub for creativity and innovation. The city boasts iconic landmarks such as the impressive Cathedral of Milan (Duomo di Milano) and the historic Sforza Castle, reflecting its rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Beyond its architectural marvels, Milan is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts with its world-class boutiques and fashion districts. The city's diverse culinary scene, ranging from traditional Italian trattorias to trendy international eateries, caters to every palate. Milan also hosts numerous cultural events, art exhibitions, and music festivals throughout the year, contributing to its dynamic and lively atmosphere.

Culinary Delights

Milan, the vibrant capital of fashion and design in Italy, not only offers a rich cultural scene but also a delicious variety of typical dishes and drinks that reflect the rich culinary tradition of the Lombardy region. Among the most emblematic dishes is "Risotto alla Milanese", an exquisite creamy rice cooked with saffron, which gives it its characteristic golden color and a unique delicate flavor. Another must-try dish is "Cotoletta alla Milanese", a juicy breaded and fried veal cutlet until it achieves a delicious and crispy golden texture. For those seeking a more comforting flavor, "Ossobuco con Risotto" is an irresistible option: tender beef cooked slowly in a red wine sauce and accompanied by a tasty creamy risotto.

When it comes to drinks, you can't miss the "Negroni Sbagliato", a variation of the classic Negroni that replaces gin with prosecco, creating a refreshing and balanced cocktail with a sparkling touch. For coffee lovers, the "Caffè Shakerato" is a perfect choice: an intense espresso mixed with ice and sugar, shaken until it achieves a smooth and creamy texture, ideal for enjoying on hot summer days. And of course, you can't visit Milan without trying the famous "Aperol Spritz", a classic Italian cocktail made with Aperol, prosecco, and a splash of soda, served with a slice of orange and green olives, evoking the cheerful and sophisticated spirit of the city.

Cultural Extravaganza

Milan's extravagant culture is a celebration of beauty, creativity, and luxury, where the boundaries of imagination are pushed to new heights. Whether strolling through its elegant streets, attending a glamorous event, or simply soaking in its vibrant atmosphere, visitors to Milan are sure to be swept away by the city's irresistible charm and allure.

The cultural scene

Milan's cultural scene is a celebration of creativity, diversity, and innovation. Whether exploring its world-class museums, attending a theatrical performance, or enjoying a live concert, visitors to Milan are sure to find a unique and enriching cultural experience in this fascinating Italian city.

Festivals and Events

Milan hosts a plethora of festivals and events, celebrating art, music, fashion, and design. From the internationally acclaimed Milan Fashion Week to the Milano Film Festival, students can actively participate in and witness the city's cultural diversity and creativity.

Dance clubs and nightlife

Milan comes alive at night with a diverse and thriving nightlife scene. Trendy bars, clubs, and live music venues cater to different tastes, ensuring that students can unwind after a day of studies. The Navigli district, with its canal-side bars, and the Brera district, known for its artistic ambiance, are popular choices for a memorable night out.

Why Milan?


Italy's cultural landscape is diverse and rich, with each city offering a unique experience. Milan stands out as the fashion capital and a hub of contemporary art. Florence boasts unparalleled Renaissance heritage, while Venice captivates with its romantic canals. Naples exudes a lively energy, renowned for its passionate culinary traditions. From Milan's modernity to Florence's artistry, Venice's charm, and Naples' vibrancy, Italy's cities offer a multifaceted tapestry of culture to explore and enjoy.


As the fashion capital of the world, Milan boasts renowned fashion houses, upscale boutiques, and designer labels that define luxury and elegance. 


Milan offers a dynamic urban experience within the city while providing easy access to beautiful natural surroundings. Beyond Milan, tranquil lakes, picturesque vineyards, and charming towns await exploration, making it an ideal destination for both city life and outdoor adventures.

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